Enjoy the luxury of nature in slow time

At Guest house AMARGE in Mie Prefecture, the homely atmosphere is popular and the owner is English-speaking, so even those who don't speak Japanese can fully enjoy rural life.


In long summer and winter holidays families and friends often stay with us especially in the summer where they can see a clear blue sky and the magnificent sea. Couples and families can be seen enjoying barbecue and the fishing experience.

Why don't you make a lifelong memory that money can't buy at our inn?

At our guest house facility where you can experience fishing in a small fishing town, you can fully rent our the entire building with a view of the sea, so friends and family can exclusively spend time without stress.


In the summer, you can enjoy having  barbecue using local vegetables bought from a peddling truck and fresh seafood caught in the sea with friends and family. You can also enjoy hot pot with friends and family around the table making everybody feel warm in winter.


Also, since it is an inn where you can stay consecutively, you can come on a trip during long holidays and experience the fishing industry, or try exploring the neighborhood such as the Ishigami Shrine which is famous for child-rearing and other tourist attractions such as the sea museum. We recommend these wonderful activities.


The fish and shellfish that can be caught differ according to the four seasons and fishing is carried out in accordance to them. If you are interested in the fishing experience, please feel free to contact us. The local fishermen and Ama will kindly

Guest house AMARGE in Mie Prefecture is popular for its fishing experience.

At AMARGE, a guest house facility in a fishing town where fish can be caught most of the year provides  a program that allows guests to experience fishing and the experience of Ama which are very popular.


You will be taught how to fish by the local fishermen and Ama and you help them catch fish. After this activity, the next activity is cooking freshly caught seafood and having a meal with fisherman's rice in the fisherman's hut. You can also enjoy other outdoor activities such as camping and picnic which is especially recommended for groups. You can also prepare your own meals in the chartered inn, so you can have a barbecue when it's warm and a hot pot when it's cold.


There is free wi-fi in the facility for everyone to have a comfortable time using the internet freely. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

Guest house AMARGE in MIe Prefecture is safe for guests from overseas

Our guest house located in Ishigami Town where the local industry is thriving attracts many foreign guests who are interested in Japanese culture. As part of the traditional cultural experience, you can experience 2,000-year history of the Japanese Ama. Guests can experience the tradition and teamwork of Ama fishing living an old-fashioned life in a fishing village feel the spirituality of the locals.Since the owner can speak English, guests from overseas can stay with peace of mind.  Guests can also travel as part of an intercultural event.


Guest house AMARGE has a private parking lot, so you can come by car if you wish to drive. A transfer service is also available to and from the nearest train station free of charge. Please inform us of your travel details at the time of booking. We will arrange to pick you up at the train station.


Reservations are accepted 24 hours a day, so feel free to make a reservation anytime. Our private inn is recommended for long holidays. Please come and visit with family and friends.