A well-received guest house in Mie prefecture where you can experience fishing.

Guest house AMARGE is a popular guest house in Mie prefecture and has been well received by customers as a guest house where you can experience fishing. Mie's travel inn is self-catering, so please enjoy using local ingredients which makes your trip memorable. In addition, we offer a diving experience and we are particular about various services that guests can enjoy.


We will provide entertainment-related projects that can be enjoyed by families with children, and will strive to pursue hospitality that will make our customers happy and satisfied.

Guest house AMARGE in Mie has a great location

Guests at AMARGE, a guest house near the sea, can cook their own meals. Visitors have mentioed that it is a convenient place to cook with plenty of seafood that incorporates local ingredients. In addition, we offer hospitality with various themes, and we try to make every service the best moment for our guests. You can cook by yourself using local ingredients and enjoy delicious foods such as the best seafood and vegetables.


There are a variety of options. There are large groups of people there are groups of family and close friends who want to enjoy memorable journeys.

We aim to prepare the best hospitality that suits each type of visitor's needs.


We are confident that you will be able to enjoy the unique plans of diving and fishing experience. Please try the services we offer.

We run a guest house in Mie Prefecture that has a good reputation for hospitality.

AMARE, a guest house filled with emotions of Mie has been praised by guests for its exquisite hospitality. We are always looking to add services that will please our visitors. Cooking by oneself at our inn will make the most of the local ingredients and we are also committed for our guests to see en enjoy the diver experience.


A variety of services to satisfy customers' needs requires constant ingenuity in keeping up with the times. As a travel inn, we will always provide  guests with a special moment to remember your important journey that you can only taste at that moment. Being in a position to take care of the visitor's special moment, we want to provide the best hospitality. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to providing the best hospitality suitable for the situation while thinking about this history of the land while looking at the sea. Please feel free to make a reservation with us.

You can enjoy seafood at Guest house AMARGE in Mie Prefecture

Guests at Guest house AMARGE in Mie Prefecture are happy to say that they can cook by themselves using local ingredients. It is also possible to stay overnight. The surrounding area has abundant seafood and vegetables from the mountains. It is an environment where local vegetables can be obtained easily. For this reason, we are blessed with good conditions that we can carefully select ingredients from various seafood and vegetables to be used in our self-catering inn.


Aside from famous sightseeing spots there are also plenty of local specialty spots in the surrounding area. The recommended diver experience and fishing experience are popular because guests can enjoy this unique activity in the area. There are many ways to enjoy and you can also enjoy local atrractions with distinct local flavor.