Guest house AMARGE is a place where you can enjoy nature and tradition in Mie Prefecture

Guest house AMARGE in Mie Prefecture offers accomodations with a cozy atmosphere and good reputation. The inn has a good view overlooking the harbor. It has been well-received not only by Japanese guests but also guests from overseas as well.


We have an English-speaking owner, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We treat guests with warmth and kindness to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Guest house AMARGE reviews

Guest house AMARGE is a facility where you can stay without meals in a fisherman's town where you can catch seafood all year round. We aim to create a calm atmosphere for our guests to relax. In addtion, guests can enjoy a barbecue in the summer or hot pot in the winter because guests can cook their own meals with cooking facililties and equipment.


Some people stay for a long time during spring, summer, fall, and winter, as guests can stay for the night. Our most popular activities are fishing and AMA experience with the opportunity to see fishermen and divers in their day to day activities. We have a good reputation spread via word-of-mouth which is perfect for the free study of elementary school children. There are inn owners who can communicate in English  and our facility is popular with foreigners who are interested in the Japanese countryside. At the end of the experience, guests can cook the fish they caught that day and enjoy the seafood for dinner, so please feel free to contact us.

Guest house AMARGE is highly rated by word-of-mouth

Guest house AMARGE has a good reputation by word-of-mouth. A place where you can witness the daily life of Ama which is rarely seen in Japan and have a meal at an open-air restaurant using fresh local ingredients. With the use of cooking facilities, you can enjoy barbecue with local fresh vegetables and seasonal seafood. The fish caught in each season is different and guests are able to try various delectable seafood whatever season they come. Fishermen and divers catch seasonal seafood such as octopus and bream in the summer, and blowfish and lobster in winter, so please let us know what type of seafood you prefer.We will procure delicious ingredients to meet your expectations. They owner of the property is fluent in English and can translate, so that guests coming from abroad can communicate with ease. Wi-fi facilities are also provided for your comfort during your stay. Please drop by at our inn where you can enjoy the rustic atmosphere of

FIsherman Town.

Guest house AMARGE has a good reputation based on reviews

Guest house AMARGE in Mie Prefecture is well-known for its location. The view of the harbor spreads out as soon as you open the front door. in the morning, you can see the peaceful and beautiful town, and you can watch the fishermen and Ama boats. There are tourist spots such as museums, lighthouses and walking courses along the sea that are popular. Guests may also have a meal at the dining room nearby.


If you are traveling from abroad, you will have no difficulty because the owner of the property can communicate in English. Feel free to ask trivial questions such as personal information and recommended sights and activities. A wi-fi environment is available, so guests can use the internet comfortably. Please consider Guest house AMARGE which has a reputation for having a good atmosphere.