AMARGE, a guest house in Mie Prefecture operated by an English-speaking owner

AMARGE is a guest house that has a good reputation in Mie Prefecture. An environment where you can see the harbor from the inn and relax in a tranquil environment free from everyday fatigue.


The owner can speak English and we are proud that visitors from abroad have enjoyed a unique experience every moment. In addition, AMARGE have guests who would like to have repeat visits, so please come by all means.

Guest house AMARGE in Mie Prefecture has a reputation for providing an intersting fishing experience

At AMARGE, a guest house in a fishing town that fishes all year round, fishing experience and Ama experience plans are popular.  Guests can get a glimpse of the lives of local fishermen and Ama that people wouldn't normally know. Guests can have an experience that has a reputation for being unforgettable and once in a lifetime. It is especially recommended for those who are interested in Japanese culture as guests can witness the Ama tradition  and what they do before and after fishing. Because we can communicate in English, we have been well received by guests coming from abroad for having very good memories without stress. After the fishing experience, guests can eat the fish they caught. There are other attractions in the town such as tour of the sea museum and many guests prefer to stay overnight.


There is a parking lot at our inn, so you can come by car. We also provide a free pick-up service if you come by train. Please let us know at the time of booking, so we can pick you up. Please feel free to contact us.

Guest house AMARGE offers a priceless experience

Guest house AMARGE, a guest house facility that can be used without meals has a superb view of the sea. Meals can be prepared by yourself and barbecue using fresh seafood from the nearby sea is also very popular. You can cook freely at your own time using the cooking facilities installed. There are many customers who have barbecue and hot pot dishes tasting the local vegetables and seasonal seafood.


For guests who stay overnight, we are careful about cleaning and having a wi-fi environment. You can use the internet without worrying about communication restrictions. During the holidays sich as Golden Week, summer vacation, and winter vacation, our guest house is well received by students, families with young children, and overseas visitors. Reservation is available 24 hours a day, so please feel free to make a reservation anytime.

Guest house AMARGE in Mie Prefecture has good reputation and high repeat rate

As a guest house where you can  have an enjoyable fishing experience in Mie Prefecture,the view from the inn is reputed to have the best location where the sea is visible from the hill of the town. When you open the door entrance, you can see the state of the port including fishing boats and the Ama. You can go around tourist spots in the town, and if you are lucky,you may be able to participate in the traditional events unique to a town with Ama. It is good to dine at the local restaurants but since the cooking facilities are prepared at the inn, you can prepare your own meals and enjoy barbecue with beer. It is also highly recommended to eat seafod caught in your fishing experience.


In addition, we always take care of cleanliness, so that you can spend a pleasant time in the hall and equipped with wi-fi, so you can use the internet easily. Please come and visit our inn and we will make you want to come back and stay with us again.