Enjoy a fishing experience at our friendly and cozy inn facility

AMARGE is a popular guest house in Mie Prefecture.You can enjoy fishing and the Ama experience at an inn located in a fisherman's town. Fishing in this town is done all year round and you can learn how to fish being taught by local fishermen and Ama divers and taste seasonal seafood.


In addition, there are inn owners who can communicate in English and travelers from overseas who are interested in Japanese culture and tradition Ama divers are welcome. Please do not hesitate to ask questions about recommended spots near the inn and what kind of seafood you can try during your trip. We will gladly answer your questions.

Highly satisfying service at Guest house Amarge in Mie

A guest house  facility in Mie Prefecture where you can experience fishing. Since it is possible to stay overnight, students can make reservations for long holidays such as during summer vacation, Golden Week, winter vacation, etc. for the purpose of glamping and barbecue party.  Our guest house is also good for

families who want to enjoy the sea. Guests can cook their own meals and enjoy barbecues in the sumer and hot pot dishes in the winter while enjoying the beautiful seaview.


Since fishing is carried out in the town at any season, guests can experience using different fishing methods. The homey atmosphere provides a fun environment learning about the local fishing culture and asking questions is welcome.

If you are interested,please feel free to contact us for any questions.

Here is the access information to Guest house Amarge

Our guest house has a parking lot  for guests coming by car. There is also a transfer service for guests who come by train and guests from overseas. We have experience welcoming guests from the UK and the United States and they were particularly pleased having an interpreter which made their stay more comfortable.


The fishing experience which is unique to our guest house facilities is well-known. We help guests catch fish from the sea while having fun. The owner couple, Tatsuya and Rikako, will gladly explain the different types of fish and other information.


We have detailed information on how to access Guest house AMARGE where guests have wonderful experiences and activities.


Click the button below for the detailed access information. If you have any questions regarding transportation or if you lose your way, please feel free to contact us.

If you are looking for a guest house, come and visit AMARGE, a lodging facility/guest house in Mie Prefecture


Guests from overseas are also welcome at Guest house AMARGE, a lodging facility and guest house where guests can prepare their own meals. It is possible to stay consecutive days, so our guest house is also recommended for those who want to stay for several days and enjoy the trip. It is a famous inn where you can experience fishing and Ama, and have valuable experiences such as learning how to fish on a fishing boat while taking in the sea breeze or helping Ama divers who goes underwater to catch seafood.


Guests arriving from overseas can have a stress-free time at our guest house because the owner is a fluent English speaker who once lived in Canada. To add to the comfort of our guests, the inn has wi-fi connection. Our inn can be booked 24 hours a day and credit card payment is available.  Please contact us by email or by phone if you would like to make a reservation.

There are many pictures on the Guest house AMARGE gallery.

The pictures include images of wonderful moments in the town, beautiful seascapes and many types of fish and the photos are updated daily. Guests can enjoy having a breathtaking view of the Ise bay from the inn.


We can provide many activities and local experiences that you will be willing to take pictures. If you can help our fisherman's work at the harbor in early morning, it will make your stay more fun and exciting.  Our guests have enjoyed fishing, taking a walk around the town, meeting local fishermen and Ama divers, and learning traditional job and simple lifestyle of a old fishing village.

Check out our gallery to have a look.

Guest house AMARGE blog which presents a fisherman's experience

Our guest house has a reputation for being friendly and welcoming. The blog contains information on the seafood caught at that time, how to cook fisherman's rice, how to eat delicious fish, Ama's tradition and teamwork, as well as other topics and issues which shows the world of local people.


In addition, we will also show how to enjoy a barbecue with delicious seafood and sake in the summer, and how to cook hot pot dishes in the winter. We will also showcase the events that have been exciting so far. We are constantly striving to send post content that would be interesting for everyone such as the reasonf for starting the service of fishing experience and the charm of the town. Please have a look.