The season of Abalone |Eat freshly caught abalone in Toba city, Mie prefecture!

2021/01/11 ブログ

This is Guest House AMARGE where visitors can experience local life of fishermen and Ama divers in Japan!


Today, we would like to share the information of "When & Where you can eat freshly caught abalone (awabi) around this region.

Here in Mie, the fishing season of abalone and its fishable size are strictly configured.


Abalones are able to fish from 1st January to 14th September.

Except for that season, it is banned to catch abalones.

Each place has its own rules.


For example, my place (Ijika in Toba city) starts abalone-fishing from early May and end the season on 14th September.


As for the size, we only can catch abalones which are over 10.6cm (=4.17inches).

You can find abalones in some fine restaurants or hotels.

They use abalones which were caught during that season and kept in a tanks, or they use abalones from different areas.


You can ask the staff where the abalones are from.

I hope you can enjoy localy caught fresh abalones during your trip to Japan.

Around the guesthouse, I recommend visiting "Kagetsu (華月)" if you want to eat very good abalone dishes.


The chef of Kagetsu is a very good cook, and he only serves good quality seafood in the season.


If you want to experience the nice combination of Japanese food and western style cooking, why don't you go "Shima Kanko Hotel" in Shima city?

The female chef of the hotel restaurant is very famous for her cooking technique.


Of course, guests of the Guest House AMARGE can eat freshly caught abalones.


We offer a outdoor activity that guests can come visit the real Ama divers' work place and watch how those women dive to catch abalones in the sea right in front of their eyes.


This could be a very unique experience for visitors.