Would you like to experience something more real and local in Japan?

2020/12/27 ブログ

If you have already travelled to many of the major cities in Japan and now looking for a new place to visit, why not come visit Ijika of Toba city in Mie prefecture?


Mie is known as a distlict of 'Ninja', 'Matsusaka Beef', 'Ise Jingu', and 'Ama'.

This is the perfect choice for travelers who are tired of visiting famous tourist places, but still want to touch and feel the uniqueness of Japan culture.


Here in Ijika, people still keep up old life style, and you may feel like you have a time-trip to a small Japanese fishing village of a century ago!


The owner of this guesthouse explains guests how locals make their livelihood, and even introduce each local to visitors in English and Japanese.


If you are interested in meeting local people in a small town of Japan, please come and visit Ijika to experience "Old good Japan".