Meet the real Ama-san in Mie. Guest Hosue AMARGE in Toba city

2020/10/09 ブログ

Ama-san, or Female Breath-hold Divers, are traditional lifestyle and occupation for women who live near the sea in Japan.


Guest House AMARGE is run by a real Ama-san in Ijika, Toba city in Mie prefecture. This is a truly rare place that allows visitors to experience to watch real work of Ama-san.


There are some places like HACHIMANKAMADO and SATOUMIAN in Toba and Shima which give visitors to touch and feel Ama culture while enjoying grilled seafood.


This guesthouse won't serve meals.

But, instead, this is the only place in Japan that visitors can actually see the real life of Ama-san. 


Guests always ask the owner about the difficulty and the joy of this old lifestyle, and why she started to become an Ama-san.


Although the guesthouse has not had many guests so far because the owner stops the reservation during the highest diving season, but almost all of them said that it was the best and the most unforgettable experience they've ever had in Japan.


This guesthouse is only for those who want to see and experience real things.