Enjoying Freshly Caught Abalone in Mie | Homestay at Ama's Guesthouse

2020/08/28 ブログ

At Guest House AMARGE, an accommodation that visitors stay at a real Ama diver's home (annex), you can enjoy freshly caught abalones.


Guests can visit Ama's hut, so called 'Amagoya', with the landlady, and there is a possibility to watch their work of diving in the sea if the condition of the sea is good.


If you are lucky, you can even try sashimi or grilled abalones in the hut.


Abalone fishing season is until mid-September.

If you are interested in visiting the real Ama's hut, please visit 'Contact' below, and send a message to the guesthouse owner.


Thank you.