Operating a guest house in Mie Prefecture and offering a conscientious price that allows you to stay overnight without meals

Guest house Amarge in Mie Prefecture is a guest house facility which allows you to stay withou meals for a long time and it is popular

that you can stay with a reasonable price. We take care of cleaning the inside of the hotel, so that you can enjoy your stay comfortably.

We have a wi-fi environment where you can easily use the internet.


Many people stay on consecutve days during Golden Week, summer vacation, winter vacation, and long weekends,

Families with young children are welcome. Reservation is available 24 hours a day, so please feel free to make a reservation.

Guest house Amarge Features

A guest house where you can experience fishing in Mie Prefecture is popular

You can experience fishing and diving at the inn facility in Fisherman Town, where you can fish throughout the year. As an opportunity to learn about the lives of fishermen and divers, it is a popular project that can be used as a free study program during the summer vacation. The staff are able to translate, so they are well received by foreign students who are interested in living in the Japanese countryside. After the experience, you can have a delicious meal after cooking the caught seafood. There are also many other town attractions such as strolling while watching the seaside town scenery and visiting museums, so many visitors stay overnight.


In addition, we offer free pick-up service from the station.

Please inform us if you are coming by train at the time of booking.

Enjoy barbecue at Guest house AMARGE

If you want to enjoy a barbecue or a hot pot at your place of stay, if you are looking for accomodation with a homely atmosphere, self-catering guest houses can be reserved using credit card as payment. And the price for an overnight stay is reasonable. The fisherman's town where you can catch seafood all year round and where you can always have delicious seafood. Popular with friends who like the outdoors and families who want to have a barbecue with their children. You can stay at the inn for consecutive nights, so you can spend a relaxing time during long holidays. There are packages for fishing and Ama experience, so you can fully enjoy fresh seasonal seafood after the experience.


In addition, it is operated by an English-speaking owner, so that people form overseas can have a good time with peace of mind. THere is wi-fi in the facility and you can use the internet freely, so you can spend a comfortable time. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

If you are looking for a guest house, please use the unoccupied guest house facility operated in Mie Prefectur

It is an accomodation facility where you can fully enjoy the goodness of Mie Prefecture and the goodness of the sea.  It is famous as an inn where you can experience fishing and diving and you can learn how to fish on a fishing boat while taking in the sea breeze, and help a diver, and enjoy the seafood.


Owners who can speak English will support you, so you can stay stress-free even if you are coming from abroad. In addition, there is wi-fi at the inn, so you can casually surf the web. The inn is convenient and can be booked 24 hours a day, and you can pay by credit card, so please use the convenient web reservation system when booking.