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You can enjoy a fulfilling time ina place with a comfortable atmosphere where you can fully enjoy the peaceful scenery on the fisherman town and the beautiful view of the sea spreading in front of our inn located in Mie Prefecture There are owners who speak English, so many foreign visitors come here. The inn is fully equipped with wi-fi, so you can use the internet comfortably.


Many visitors prepare their own meals because they want to enjoy barbecue in the summer and hot pot in winter in a place full of nature.

To reach Guest house AMARGE, please use the parking lot of our guest house if you come by car. We also provide a pick-up service from the nearest station (Toba station), so please let us know at the time of booking. You can make a reservation 24 hours a day, and you can pay by credit card. Overseas visitors can make payment without using Japanese yen. In addition, if you get lost on your wat to our guest  house, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly give easy to understand directions with useful landmarks.

An access method that provides aguest house with transfer in Mie Prefecture


Inn name

Guest house AMARGE


395 Ijika , Toba City, Mie Prefecture


Business hours

10:00 〜 20:00

Regular holiday

Irregular Holidays

Contact person

Rikako Sato


By car:

-Parking is provided at the inn

-Please feel free to give us a call for  more detailed information on directions to Guest House AMARGE


By train:

-The nearest train station to Guest AMARGE is Toba station on the Kintetstu  railway

-We provide free pick-up service at Toba station. Please let us know your train arrival time.

It is a guest house facility where you can stay without meals . Also contains convenient access information

Click here for access to our inn facility where you can experience Ama

If you prefer to enjoy your own cooking such as barbecue dishes and hot pot, we recommend our Guest house AMARGE, a fisherman's town inn where you can stay without meals. In this area, where you can fish all year round, you can experience fishing while learning from local fishermen helping you to catch fresh seasonal seafood on fishing boats and create wonderful memories. You can also have the divers experience where you can dive into the sea in search of fresh seafood such as shellfish and enjoy it. You can stay for a long time and spend a relaxing time in a seaside town to refresh yourself.


There is a parking lot, so you can come by car with your family and friends. We also offer free pick-up service from the nearest train station (Toba station), so please let us know at the time of booking if you wish. The inn has wi-fi, so you can use the internet free of charge and enjoy your stay.

Guest house AMARGE in Mie Prefecture is located in the town of fishermen and Ams who fish all year round and the beautiful sea spreads out in front of the guest house facilities. Owners who are fluent in English will respond to customers from abroad . Englis-speaking visitors can fully enjoy their stay,so please come and visit us with confidence. It is also famous as an inn where you can experience fishing and diving. You can catch fish all year round, so you can enjoy fishing at any time. At the end of the experience, you can taste fresh seafood, so it is a popular plan for couples and families.


The inn has a barbecue where you can enjoy seafood with friends and family.


You can make a reservation 24  hours a day and pay by credit card. We have wi-fi facilities in the hotel, and we strive to make yur stay comfortable. There are several buildings that serve as landmarks for getting to the inn and use our parking lot. There is also a free pick-up service to and from the station if you come by train.