Stay in a small fisherman's town as if you live there.

Guest House AMARGE, located inside a part of Ise-Shima National Park, Ijika, Toba City, Mie Prefecture, is popular for its cozy atmosphere and friendly communication in English. The guesthouse, run by a fisherman and an Ama, allows you to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of a full-fledged fisherman's town with friends and family. Since the owner couple are fluent in English, more than half of the customers come from overseas, and guests from over 17 countries around the world have stayed so far, so even those who cannot speak Japanese well can fully enjoy the life of a countryside in Japan. 

The wooden deck on the premises overlooks the sea, and the location where you can see the sea while having a barbecue has been very popular by all of our guests.

Enjoy local food experience at Guest House AMARGE in Ise-Shima

Many of the guests who come to Guest House AMARGE are most looking forward to interacting with the locals.
Staying at Guest House AMARGE is different from staying at a hotel or an inn since you may feel like you will become a part of the local community. Once you jump into the community, you are already our family member.
Experience the work of fishermen and the see the lifestyle of Ama is just so unique. Guests enjoyed chatting with a local elderly people while having a cup of tea, or go to a very local 'izakaya' that only the locals know and enjoy the best food. You can experience the real "country life" that you cannot find in any travel guidebooks and immerse yourself in the charm of this Ise-Shima area.
"I arrive as a guest, but leave as a friend."
We are proud of the fact that many guests became good friends of ours and go home saying that.
Why don't you make a place that can be called "the second home where you want to go back" in Ijika, Toba City, Mie Prefecture?

Guest House AMARGE has plenty of amenities

Many of our guests stay here for a long period of time, so we are fully equipped with various amenities and home appliances so that our guests can always have a comfortable stay.

We want you to use environmentally friendly and high-quality products as much as possible.



shampoo hair conditioner body soap

Bath towel Face towel Toothbrush Hair dryer Hand sanitizer 


Alcohol disinfectant spray Hand sanitizer gel Dishwashing detergent Refrigerator with freezer compartment Styrofoam for storing vegetables Microwave Oven toaster Rice cooker (3 cups) 3-burner stove (gas type) Plate Cup Glass Pot Frying pan Various cooking utensils Chopsticks Cutlery Seasoning (Basic items such as sugar, salt and oil) Tea Coffee Green tea etc.

Clothes dryer Washing machine Air conditioner Locker with lock Barbecue tools (stove, charcoal, tongs, etc.) Folding outdoor chair First aid kit Nearby tourist guidebook/map

Fluent English Communication is available

Located in Ijika, Toba City, Mie Prefecture, where the fishing industry is thriving, this guesthouse is visited by many guests from overseas who are interested in tradition and culture of Japan.


In particular, there are many guests who are interested in "Ama", which is said to have a history of more than 2000 years, and among the guests who have stayed so far, there were a variety of people visiting this small fishing village such as photographers, TV producers, professional freedivers, university professors, a representative of NPO, and a minister of a certain country.


Guest House AMARGE is run by a fisherman and an Ama couple who have lived abroad and are good at communicating in English, guests can enjoy natural conversation without an English interpreter, and receive detailed explanation about Japanese fishery directly from locals.