Lifestyle experience guest house

Spend time in a good old Japanese fishing town. Would you like to experience the life of fishermen and divers?

Guest House AMARGE in Toba City, Mie Prefecture is popular for its authentic fishing experience.


Ijikacho, a fisherman's town that fishes throughout the year , uses various fishing methods to catch seasonal seafood.

The fishing experience where you can experience the sea and the traditional lifestyle while helping with such fishing is popular with men and women of all ages.

You can learn about the fisherman's work while learning about the conditions of the sea and how to catch the fish that day.

There is also an ama hut experience where you can learn about the fishing methods and traditions of the ama divers, so you can learn about the lives of the women fishing by free diving, which is different from fishing on a boat. increase.


*For the time being, the guest house is closed. We will inform you on our website when we resume business, so we appreciate your understanding.

Accommodation fee
  • 漁業体験民宿
  • *Currently closed.

    ■ Rates are the same regardless of the number of guests.

    ■ Rates vary depending on the season and desired activity.

  • ■ 2 guest rooms
    □ 4 single beds
    □ Flooring
    □ Air-conditioned
    □ Lockers
    □ Rooms are lockable from inside
    ■ Living room
    ■ Kitchen dining
    ・ Tableware / refrigerator / microwave / toaster / rice cooker / cooking utensils (pots and frying pans etc.)
    ■ Western style toilet
    ■ Bathroom with a bathtub
    ・ There are shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, etc.
    ■ Clothes dryer
    * Available 4 - 7 people
    * For customers who will have a BBQ in the deck, we rent out BBQ facilities and items for free of charge. (ingredients and drinks are not included)

A day of a real Ama hut experience and watching Ama diving

This tour is available only for the guests who are from overseas. The tour is provided on Day 2 of your stay.

At Guest House AMARGE , the service that allows you to experience fishermen and Ama culture in a fisherman town of Ijika is being popular amongst travelers from abroad.

The accommodation is run by an English-speaking owner who does Ama diving herself, so not only domestic but also international travelers can spend a meaningful time without worrying about language.