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Spending time at a fisherman's village guesthouse is like coming back home

Guest House AMARGE in Ijika, Toba City, Mie Prefecture, a small guesthouse in the Ise-Shima district of Mie Prefecture, is a place you feel new but still feel like you came back to your hometown.
People in this village still keep up traditional lifestyle, and their life is just simple, nostalgic, and warm. The more you spend time here, the more you feel difficult to leave because people treat you as like one of their family members. Guest House AMARGE is just a place where outsiders and locals get connected. Come visit Ijika and mark the place as one of your new home.

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Guest house AMARGE in a fisherman town has a wonderful location overlooking the sea, and it always receives positive reviews from guests who stay there. The owner of the guesthouse is a real Ama diver and speaks English fluently since she lived in Canada when she was young. Comfortable communication in English and high hospitality are the feature of this accommodation. If you are looking for a nice place to stay and want to experience something Japanese and traditional, visiting Ijika to discover Ama culture would be a fantastic choice for you.