The More Rural, The More Real. Dive Deep Into Japanese Countrylife.

At Guest House AMARGE in Mie Prefecture, you can enjoy a full-fledged fishing experience and Ama lifestyle experience at a fisherman and Ama couple's guesthouse.

If you are a person who has traveled to Japan several times and had visited many of the famous places already, why don't you come visit Ijika, a cozy atomospheric fisherman's town of Mie, to experience the life in a rural area of Japan on your next trip?

Friendly service and high customer satisfaction

A guesthouse run by a "super host" who earned 5 star on Airbnb

Guest House AMARGE is run by a couple of a local fisherman and an Ama diver. Owner couple both speak English fluently, and they are happy to make your trip nice and comfortable.

Guest House AMARGE had welcomed guests from 17 countries so far, and always received nice reviews from the guests.

People visit this fishing village to discover true Japanese countrylife, and feel the warm atmosphere of good old Japan.

Guesthouse in Ise-Shima National Park

Location and access to Guest House AMARGE

Guest House AMARGE is located inside Ise-Shima National Park. The feature of this national park is the relationship amongst nature, Shintoism, and human lives are harmonized well for thousands of years.

Visitors often go to the famous Shinto shrine Ise Jingu, and go to Toba and Shima to enjoy delicious seasonal seafood and onsen. Guest House AMARGE is at Ijika, Toba city, Mie prefecture. It is not a popular destination for travelers, but people visit this fishermen's town to see the real life of fishermen and Ama (traditional female shellfish divers of Japan). 

The location is convenient to visit Ise Jingu, Toba Aquarium, and Shima Spain Village etc..

If you are looking for a reasonable guest house where you can spend your time freely, please use guest house AMARGE, a guest house without meals in Mie prefecture.

There is a spacious kitchen with a full range of cooking utensils and can be used for self-catering without meals or for renting a whole house, is popular with couples and families from overseas.


It is within walking distance to Nishimura Shokudo, which is popular for its luxurious seafood dishes from Ise-Shima. You can go to a delicious seafood restaurant nearby to eat, buy local ingredients from the supermarket and cook in the kitchen, and spend your time freely according to your travel budget and preferences. .


In addition to the well-equipped kitchen, the laundry that tends to pile up on long trips can be washed at any time using the washing machine and clothes dryer installed in the guest house, so it is very convenient and comfortable.


This guesthouse is especially popular with overseas travelers who have traveled to Japan many times. , We have received many visitors who want to experience the "Japanese countryside".


While feeling the refreshing sea breeze at the port, you can learn how to fish from a real fisherman, and help the traditional work of Ama who collect shellfish and seaweed by skin diving. .

The inn is also equipped with free Wi-Fi, so guests with smartphones and personal computers can stay comfortably at any time.
Reservations can be made 24 hours a day by e-mail, and credit card payments are also accepted. For reservations, please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

We are releasing photos that show the state of accommodation and fishing experience

In the gallery of guesthouse AMARGE, an accommodation facility located in Ijikacho, a fishing town where active fishermen and divers still live their old-fashioned lives, you can enjoy the beautiful ocean scenery that changes every day. We post photos of wonderful moments in town, such as the simple appearance of people.

You can overlook the sea of Ise-Shima from the garden of the inn, so you will surely be able to see a wonderful view when you stay.
At this facility where you can experience fishing, you can meet a lot of moments that make you want to take pictures, so I think that those who have photography as a hobby or work will surely enjoy it.

The fish caught and the state of the sea also differ depending on the season. You can see how the fishing industry changes with the seasons, and if you are interested, we can lend you clothes and tools, and help you with the work at the port. You can enjoy it.

You can take a leisurely stroll through the fishing town, enjoy the fishing experience, and spend a memorable time in this town.

In the gallery, we also post photos of past fishing experiences, so if you are interested, please take a look.

Owner's Blog

Check out seasonal events and the latest information of Ise-Shima

The owner of the guesthouse Rikako is the youngest Ama diver of Ijika who moved from the city.


She writes a blog in English and Japanese to share her everyday life in a small fishing village, and gives some tips to enjoy Ise-Shima region.