Sazae Fishing Season Started In Ijika, Toba City, Mie Prefecture Japan!

2021/10/30 blog

Hi everyone, it's Rikako of Guest House AMARGE and an Ama diver of Ijika in Toba city.

I can finally announce you that our Sazae Fishing season of this year started early this October!

Due to the weeks-long bad weather during middle of the month, we couldn't really go diving as often as last year.

We Ama divers of Ijika only catches Sazae, Turban shells, in winter. There are some other villages in Ise-Shima region that Sazae Fishing is allowed even in summer.

The reason of the difference is because unlike abalones or spiny lobsters, sazae reproduction several times a year. So, we don't really have to regulate fishing season of sazae to avoid their reproduction season, and we just need to consider the total amount of catch per year regionally.

Our village allows Ama divers to fish sazae only in winter. So, even though we see sazae in the sea during summer, we cannot catch them. We can only catch abalones in summer.

But some other places like Toushijima island in Toba city, they can catch sazae and abalone during summer because they only allows Ama divers to fishi a few summer weeks of a year. Because their fishing season is very short, and they don't dive in winter, they can catch sazae in summer.

I think this really makes sense for me.

We can dive both summer and winter in Ijika, therefore, we need to regulate the season of each seafood.

If you are interested in learning more about the lifestyle of Ama divers of Japan, please come visit Ijika to discover good old Japan!

I can bring you to see our Amagoya and show you around the fishing village.

I'm looking forward to seeing you!