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2021/08/21 blog
Image source: Ganko Honpo website

Guest House AMARGE, which can be reserved for private use in a house with a garden in Ijika, Toba City, Mie Prefecture, in Ise-Shima National Park, is now installing a new dishing detergent for guests.


We changed the kitchen detergent to "Forest and ..." produced by Ganko Honpo, which is environmentally friendly and does not pollute the sea.

As I am the owner of the guesthouse and an "Ama diver", I was interested in using eco-friendly items for the guesthouse that do not pollute the sea.


I learned about "Forest and ..." from an acquaintance's introduction, and decided to introduce it as a trial.


The usage is a little different, spraying the dishes on the dishes, wiping them off with a paper towel, and then washing the dishes with water.


At first, I was very confused by the difference from general dishwashing, where I put detergent on a sponge, whisk it with water, wash the dishes with foam and flush it with water.


However, when I use it, I am surprised that the stains are removed unexpectedly well and the dishes are so clean when rinsing!


For dishes that seem to be sticky with oil, you should first remove the oil with kitchen paper before spraying the detergent, and then spray it to wipe it off.


There is no problem in using it, and once you get used to the routine of spraying → wiping → rinsing, it seems that you can use it without any problems.

There was an introductory video of "Forest and ...", so I'll post it.


Currently, the guesthouse is temporarily closed due to concerns about the spread of the new coronavirus infection.


If the situation improves, please come to the guest house AMARGE in Toba City to try out the fishing experience and the feeling of using the new eco-item "Forest and ...".


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