[Mie Prefecture] The season of Ise-ebi spiny lobster | Eat seasonal seafoods in Ise Shima!

2021/01/11 blog

Hello, it's Rikako of Guest House AMARGE in Toba where guests can experience local fishing experience in Mie prefecture.


In this article, we share information about the fishing season of spiny lobster called 'Ise-ebi'!


In Mie prefecture, according to the "fishery adjustment rules" established by the prefecture, the time when the spiny lobster can be caught is clearly specified.


It's rather better to say,

"Fishing season is set"


"Unfishable season is set".


The closed season for Ise-ebi spiny lobsters in Mie Prefecture is from May 1st to September 30th every year.

If you are a fisherman and catch spiny lobster during this time, you will be punished.

Of course, if you are not a fisherman and have no fishing license, it will be a severe problem.


From October 1st to April 30th of the following year, it is possible to catch Ise-ebi spiny lobster.


The reason why the closed season for spiny lobster is set is because Ise-ebi lobsters have the "breeding season" at this time.

They move around actively and are very easy to find.


So, it is easy to catch spiny lobster.

And that means if we can fish lobsters during this time, it is easy to lead to overfishing.


Furthermore, if you catch the Ise lobster during the breeding season, spiny lobster cannot lay eggs and the next generation of spiny lobster does not grow.


It also leads to the depletion of marine resources.


To get along well with the sea, understanding the sea and the ecology of sea creatures' and their lifestyle is very important.


To keep a good balance between nature and human life is really important, and we should learn how to keep the best balance every time.

At Guest House AMARGE, we share the information of fisherman and fisherwomen (Ama) with our guests and we talk a lot about marine life.


If you are interested in the life strongly connected with the nature, please come visit us.

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