The latest information about the guesthouse and Ijika, Toba City, Mie Prefecture.

For those who are thinking of traveling to Mie Prefecture, Guest House AMARGE will post detailed information about the popular "fishing experience" and "Ama hut tour", and will introduce you various contents such as local event information and seasonal fish. We are going to share information on deep fishermen's towns Ijika, such as introductions on the types of fish caught in each season and traditional techniques of fishing, the best ways to eat seasonal fish, fishermen's daily lives, tourist information, the memories with our former guests, and the tradition and customs of Ama.
I hope you enjoy it!.

  • Ama Diving Video (Sazae Fishing) on YouTube...

    My new YouTube video is now uploaded! This time, I brought my camera with me and took a video while I was diving in the sea.

The blog from this facility provides a variety of information such as detailed explanation of the fishing experience at the inn facility in Fsherman Town and the services that can be enjoyed by the divers, as wel as annual events in the town. Food-related reports such as recommended seafood and fisherman's rice and other fish cooking methods throughout the year, as well as deeper aspects such as diver culture are also included. Depending on the season, high-quality ingredients such as sea bream, oysters, sea urchin, and lobsters may be obtained, so you may have the opportunity to eat them during fishing or Ama experience.


This inn doesn't provide meals, so the accomodation fee is at a reasonable price and the dishes can be purchased from outside the inn

or prepared in the facility using the built-in cooking facilities, such as barbecue and hot pot dishes, and a lively barbecue party. We often update this blog. Through this blog, we willl have updates on topics that will interest you about this seaside town.

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