Make more memories than you can imagine at the guest house AMARGE in Mie Prefecture

It is popular as a guest house AMARGE surrounded by nature where you can enjoy a fishing experience.

Guest House AMARGE , a guest house in Mie Prefecture, is a "house reserved" inn where you can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons and delicious fish in season in an environment full of nature, and you can experience fishing and sea maiden. You can spend a unique day that gives you a glimpse of the daily lives of fishermen and ama, which you cannot usually know .
There is a free parking lot on the premises for those arriving by car, and we also offer a pick-up service for those arriving by train, so anyone can feel free to come.

The facility has staff who can guide you in English, and it is also popular with customers coming from overseas.

Payment can be made by credit card in addition to cash.

Free Wi-Fi with no restrictions. Since the environment allows you to use the Internet without stress , you can spend comfortably not only for domestic travel, but also for customers who have traveled from abroad or who have come by wormcation.


At the guest house AMARGE, which is popular for its homely hospitality, you can enjoy a stay unique to Umimachi.

It is a guest house that offers a full-scale fishing experience and ama experience in Mie prefecture.


You can enjoy a valuable fishing experience at the guest house AMARGE in Mie Prefecture

Through the fishing experience, you can learn how to interact with the sustainable fishery from fishermen and Ama divers

Accommodation Fee

Guest Room 2 Western-style rooms features

-Up to 2 people in each room

-Wood flooring

-Two beds in each room


-Locker with key

-Rooms can be locked from inside


Other features

-Living room


-Western-style toilet

-Bathroom with bath tub


*Rooms may have a maximum of 7 people using

a futon on the floor


On-site parking is available for cars. Free transfer from the station is also possible


Inn name

Guest House AMARGE


395 Ijika Town, Toba City, Mie Prefecture

Phone number
business hours


Regular holiday

Irregular holidays


Rikako Sato


If you come by car, please use the parking lot at the inn.

If by train, there is a free pick-up service from the nearest train station (Toba station). Please feel free to make a reservation and let us know your transportation method. We can also provide information on how to reach out guesthouse using landmarks to make it easier for you.


Business day information

White = Reservation possible / Red = Full / Green = Reservation not possible

White = Available / Red = Booked / Green = Unavailable

About us

Guest house AMARGE is a place where you feel the charm of the sea in Mie Prefecture.

You can have a fisherman's experience as well as the traditional way of life of female Ama divers.

Our guest house is well known for having a cozy atmosphere in a great location where you can stay overnight and enjoy the seaside to your heart's content.


Guest house AMARGE is are located by the seaside with a relaxing atmosphere.


We strive to provide  care and comfort

to make your stay memorable.


Our guest house is popular for large groups during long breaks such as summer and winter vacations.


Reservation may be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week and both Japanese and English language services are available. 


Payments can be made using cash / credit card / QR(Paypay).


Guest house AMARGE is an inn where you can fully experience the local area with several activities including a dedicated female assistant.

Guests can enjoy fresh local seafood at local restaurants. The area of Ise-Shima is blessed with not only a bountiful sea but also blessed with lush mountains, so guests can also enjoy a wide variety of  fresh vegetables. Guests also have the option of cooking their own meals to have a truly wonderful experience.


Guests who wish to use their own computer and/or handheld devices

may be able to do so as our guest house is equipped with wi-fi.

If you want to experience fishing in a fisherman's town in Mie prefecture, we would like to welcome you to our guesthouse.

Guests can go fishing almost all year round with guidance from local fishermen to have an authentic fishing experience catching seasonal seafood.


Guests can also see the Ama hut and experience the traditional way of

Ama fishing which is diving to search and collect shellfish.


Staying overnight gives guests the opportunity to spend a relaxing time to refresh their mind and body.


Guests have the option of preparing their own meals such as barbecue and hotpot cooked and served the local way.